How we work

Glass Fusing,Kilns,  Murrine, Calcedony glass

Very few people know how our items are produced, becouse the glass blowing technique is believed to create our items. Indeed, the process that we use to produce our collection is called GLASS FUSING.

And we produce 100 per cent of our Murano glass pendants, Murano glass frames and other items, using electric kilns.

In our activity with use special kind of Murano glasses, the main of which is called vetro murrina, or "murrine".

Murrine rods

Murrine are glass rods that contain a design , a pattern. Generally this pattern is made by concentric lines, squared lines, or circular lines; the pattern can be a star, or a small flower. The pattern is revealed when the rod is chopped in thin pieces that will be used to make  a special texture.

We arrange the murrine over ceramic plates made of fireproof material.  This plate is positioned inside a special  kiln, until the murrine fuse in a single plate . After, we cut and drill that plate to obtain the desired shapes. 

Composition of murrine before the fusing

Above we can see how the chopped murrine have been positioned in a well defined texture on  a fireproof board, before entering the first fusing cycle inside the kiln.

2 of our kilns

The fusing cycle lasts 6/7 hours, becouse after a quick rise in temperature, more time is needed for the glass murrine to cool down, going back to normal temperature.

Murrine plate after the first cycle

Finally, the plates are positioned over the mould for the second and last fusing cycle, that will render the concave shape of the final product.

Final product

Above, you can see two 22 cm large centerpieces made exclusively with