The De Biasi Murano Company

Cristiano and Andrea De Biasi have followed in their father's footsteps. They are the sons of Virgilio, who started colouring precious seed beads in the '50s.

Having mastered the necessary glass making method, Cristiano and Andrea introduced their creations, at first mostly clocks and photo frames, on the domestic and foreign markets. They addressed their products in particular to retailers distribution chains and specialized retailers.

Bu using the valuable types of Murano glass, such as zanfirico, avventurina, pastel colours, and combining these glasses with authentic gold and silver leaf, Cristiano and Andrea produce innovative collections of luxury bijoutery and glassware, focusing their abilities in Murano glass pendants, Murano glass photo frames, Murano glass mirrors, Murano glass earrings and Murano glass clocks.

Our items cobine the thousand year long traditionof Murano glass-making with modern creativity. For this we are proud to tell that our items can suit both people who like modern objects, and people who prefer more artistic and conventional glassware. 

We attended the  Milano International Trade Fair Macef for more than 15 year, we we presented our first collections of Murano glass photo frames and Murano glass clocks. We started  to work with store chaines, boutiques, retailers and wholesalers coming from

USA,Canada, South America, Middle East, Europe.....

The De Biasi Glass factory is also authorized to display the trademark Vetro Artistico di Murano (Artistic Murano Glass trademark) in its Murano glass pendants, murano glass Earrings, Murano glass pho frames  and Murano glass mirrors...this trademark is the only guarantee that  certifies the origin of  Murano glass products, created in this isle (see at as the Consortium of the Murano based artistic glass factories and at

We create internally our own models and develop our designs, but we can develop new items according  to our customer's needs. We have also previous experience in dealing with creating and producing Murano glass pendants or othe bijoutery components for big wholesales order.